Introduction of Almond Seeds

Almonds are one of the most beneficial nuts for beauty and human health. It has many uses, bring enormous benefits of health, youth…

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Almonds are one of the most beneficial nuts for beauty and human health.

In Vietnam, almond trees are cultivated in the North Central region of the provinces such as Ha Tinh, Thanh to, Nghe An,… Almonds are harvested when ripe, after harvesting people are often separated from the outer shell and then take the drying, taking nuts, then taking away roasted is possible to enjoy. The kernels have an extremely sturdy crust so it is very safe to eat.

Effects of almonds:

Helps prevent heart disease and heart attack: Almonds contain important nutritional minerals for cardiovascular health: arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium, which helps prevent damage from formation of atherosclerotic plaque in arteries and protects against the accumulation of this dangerous plaque .

Supports healthy brain function:

Almonds have unique nutrients, riboflavin and L-carnitine, two important nutrients that have the ability to positively affect nerve activity and prevent cognitive decline.

Maintain skin health:

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The vitamin E and antioxidants in almonds help nourish the skin.

Research shows that almonds contain high levels of catechin, epicatechin and flavonoid antioxidants, including quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin – anti-cancer compounds and skin damage by fighting oxygen stress. chemical, pollution and ultraviolet light.

Also almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that help nourish the skin and reduce the signs of aging. Almonds healthy fat, plus its ability to improve circulation, also helps keep skin hydrated and has a better ability to heal wounds.

Helps control blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes:

In addition to managing blood sugar and preventing insulin resistance, almond benefits include the ability to reduce other common diabetes risk factors: poor body weight, inflammation and high levels of oxidation.

Help with weight loss and appetite suppression:

Healthy fats and fiber aid in weight loss because it helps you feel full, refrains from overeating and unhealthy snacking. Although nuts are high in fat and calories, they prolong a sense of satisfaction after eating and keep blood sugar levels more stable. As such, you will be less likely to eat energy-rich dishes and reduce appetite.

Is almond grain good? For pregnant women and fetuses

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Benefits of almonds for pregnant women and fetuses.

Nutrients such as walnuts, peas, almonds, etc. are known to provide nutrients rich in essential fatty acids, B vitamins, proteins and minerals. Support the fetus to form and develop comprehensively, especially the brain of the fetus. They both help maintain a moderate weight and still loaded enough.

Almonds are a great source of protein, fiber and other important nutrients like magnesium, calcium, vitamins, and zinc. Many almond effects on pregnant women. Almonds also help pregnant women increase resistance, prevent gynecological diseases that pregnant women often before and after birth.

In particular, reduce the unpredictable risks during pregnancy.

In addition to the effect of almonds on pregnant women, almonds are also good for the fetus. The main ingredients in almonds are: folate, folic acid, omega 3, calcium and magnesium … The most essential nutrients for the development of the child right from the womb. Mothers often eat almonds to help children absorb nutrients right from the start. Almonds are also used as ingredients for tea. Is almond grain good?

Almonds contain phenylalanine to help improve the baby’s memory better. In addition, babies are smarter from the womb thanks to their omega 3 content. And folate and folic acid in almonds are an indispensable source of nutrients for the fetus. Pregnant women supplemented with almonds in the meal, which is used to prevent neural tube defects for babies from 50 to 70%.

Where to buy almonds?

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