General Director Luong Gia, Luong Thanh Thuy want to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to conquer the world with quality products, variety and modern production lines.

Over a journey of more than 10 years of searching, improving products continuously, contributing to improving Vietnamese agricultural products in the world market, Luong Thanh Thuy – General Director of Luong Gia has turned snacks into gifts nutrition donation.

“Happiness is to bring positive values ​​to the community through nutritious and convenient products,” said Ms. Luong Thanh Thuy.

Tổng Giám Đốc Lương Gia

Ms. Luong Thanh Thuy – General Director of Luong Gia

Dream to contribute to improving Vietnamese agricultural products

A graduate of Business Administration, Ms. Luong Thanh Thuy is a manager at a family printing company in HCM city. Life is stable, but she always wants to start her own business. Incidentally, a younger brother went to Thailand to bring back some dried fruit, she tried it and came up with an intention to produce dried fruit. Thinking about it, she and a team of associates began to study.

“Working in the lab, the output is very small, so I bought testing machines to sell to the market. It seemed easy and arduous,” General Director Luong Gia recalls.

Hiring a 500m2 factory in Binh Duong in 2008, she started producing dried fruit, mainly mangoes. Near Tet, the company boldly distributed 7 tons of dried fruit to the supermarket, not promoting marketing, so the revenue did not reach. Out January, the supermarket sent back some truckloads.

Undeterred, she determined to pursue the path of production of dried fruit. Every night she goes to the market to buy 100kg of fresh fruit, offers in the morning, noon to the factory cargo. When offering goods at Ben Thanh market, customers buy half a kilogram of her to sell, then go to An Dong and Binh Tay markets and sell to tourists, overseas Vietnamese …

Thanks to continuous improvement of production quality and technology, Luong Gia dried fruit products have been exported to countries such as Korea, China, USA, Russia, France, Taiwan, Mongolia, the Republic. Czech. At the same time, the product is present in major domestic markets and supermarket systems such as Co.op Mart, Lotte, and Vinmart.

‘Going to the end must have passion’

Currently, two factories of Luong Gia in Nhon Trach and Long Khanh industrial zones (Dong Nai) have the capacity of more than 100 tons of fresh fruit per day with more than 500 workers working continuously. All products of Luong Gia are manufactured according to modern lines, from the process of selecting high quality fresh fruits on the farm and processing them using modern heat drying technology. Before being put on the market are subject to strict censorship. The company also continuously upgrades the factory to ensure food safety and hygiene according to BRC standards of Europe – one of the highest standards in the world today.

công nhân đang tách từng miếng xoài sấy tại nhà máy Lương Gia

Luong Gia applies a production line focusing on quality and food hygiene.

Besides the list of 15-17 dried fruit products, businesses are constantly launching new products, exploiting the richness and diversity of types of Vietnamese fruit. The main processing technology is low-temperature drying, so the product is guaranteed of softness, elasticity to taste and the natural aroma and color of ripe fruits.

Luong Gia is also developing nutritious oatmeal and dried seeds. Luong Gia’s nutritious cereal products are made from Vietnamese fruits, seeds and oats imported from Europe, processed according to modern processes to ensure good micronutrients for health.

In addition to using as snacks, energy-boosting snacks, dried fruits, dried nuts and nutritious cereals of Luong Gia with the new brand Ohla has become a practical gift by Nutritional value as well as beautiful packaging and convenient storage.

Previously, Luong Gia focused on manufacturing and processing for big domestic and foreign brands, but now Ms. Luong Thanh Thuy focuses on building her own brand. Ohla brand is invested with the desire to bring customers natural, nutritious and convenient products.

With the core value of “commitment, quality, innovation, sharing, professionalism”, Ohla has been on the market with three high-end product lines including dried fruits, nutritious dried nuts, nutritious cereals. Further, the company aims to become the leading company in Vietnam in the next 5-10 years and become the top three in Asia in processing dried fruits, nuts and nutritious cereals.

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