Luong Gia has just launched the market of dried fruits, nuts and oatmeal brand Ohla, giving users more choices of safe products, with natural ingredients and clear origins.

Dried fruits, nuts and oatmeal nutrition are becoming more and more fast food and snacks because of their convenience and delicious taste. Besides the excitement of the market with many brands, large and small, products imported from Thailand, China … have no brands, no clear origin for sale.

xoài chín cây sấy dẻo ohla

Ohla dried fruit product

In this context, in the past, Luong Gia only focused on manufacturing, doing OEM (original manufacturer) for big domestic brands (Co-op mart, Lotte, Vinmart …) and abroad, now Luong Gia is the main informally enter the market with its own brand.

The Ohla brand was launched to provide the market with valuable energy through three high quality product lines including dried fruits, nutrition nuts and nutrition oatmeal. Luong Gia’s goal in the next 5-10 years is to become a leading company in Vietnam and to be in the top 3 of Asia in food processing industry.

ngũ cốc hearty ohla

Oatmeal hearty ohla

It is known that, more than 10 years ago, Luong Gia has started to produce flexible dried fruits with the desire to bring delicious, nutritious snacks and snacks to consumers, while contributing to improving and developing. Strong advantages of Vietnamese agricultural products with quality processed products. Luong Gia has produced many flexible dried products such as mango, passion fruit, guava, dragon fruit, from Luong Son. strawberry, pineapple, papaya … Processing technology is the low-temperature drying method, so Luong Gia’s products are guaranteed almost the entire nutritional value, both soft, flexible and edible, the sugar content is only 5%. , the rest is completely natural flavor and color of ripe fruit.

Owning two factories in Trach Trach and Dong Khanh industrial zones (Dong Nai), with a capacity of more than 100 tons of fresh fruits / day, Luong Gia now has 15-17 acres of dried fruit and is constantly developing its production. All Luong Gia products are manufactured according to the supply chain, from the selection of high quality fresh fruits from the farm and processed using modern drying technology. The product is strictly censored, meets the quality and food safety standards. Luong Gia continuously upgraded the factory to ensure food safety and hygiene according to BRC international standards of Europe.

For many years, Luong Gia’s dried fruit products have been available in Russia, France, Taiwan, Mongolia, the Czech Republic … and are present on stalls outside major wholesale markets, supermarkets, shops … all over the country.

Along with dried fruit, Luong Gia Company is also developing nutrition oatmeal and nuts also named Ohla. In particular, Ohla nutrition oatmeal products are made from fresh Vietnamese fruits, seeds and oats are imported from Europe, then processed according to modern processes to ensure the finished product. Micronutrients good for health. In addition to being used as daily food, Ohla dried fruits, nuts and nutrition oatmeal also become practical gifts because of the nutritional value as well as beautiful packaging, convenient storage and safe.

hạt choco frunut ohla

Mix dried fruit & nut choco frunut ohla

In addition to the outstanding quality, Luong Gia’s dried fruits are packed handy, the storage time is one year and easy to carry when needed to move. So consumers can eat a few pieces of dried fruit at any time, in the workplace or on planes, cars … very convenient and safe. In particular, with the special feature of dried fruit cut into bite-sized pieces, Luong Gia’s products are very safe, suitable for both the elderly and children. You can use the product Ohla to play, snack, snack between meals without fear of being bored with sugar or fat but adding the necessary fiber for an active day.

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