Dragon fruit is gradually becoming a favorite fruit of many people because of its softness and coolness. These fruits are quite cheap when in the season but have many health benefits no less expensive ones.

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Dragon fruit is a fruit with many health benefits

Effects of dragon fruit


Dragon fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, which help reduce the effects of free radicals that damage cells in the body. In addition, this fruit also has anti-cancer effects.

Preventing signs of aging

This fruit keeps skin tight and healthy. The mask incorporating dragon fruit and honey is a natural mask to replace other expensive anti-aging masks.

You can wash the skin after 15-20 minutes to get the desired beauty.

Improve cardiovascular health

Living in a busy and stressful time, many people have serious problems with heart health.

Dragon fruit can help improve heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and adding good cholesterol.

This fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat that helps the heart to rest in the best condition.

Control and prevent diabetes

The effect of dragon fruit is to help control diabetes and an excellent source of fiber. Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consult with your physician before adding dragon fruit to their diet.

Make skin smooth

Worried about sunburned skin? Don’t worry, you can combine dragon fruit with honey and cucumber juice and apply it to sunburned areas. Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin B3, which helps release heat and moisturize sunburned skin.

Reduce arthritis

One of the dragon fruit health’s best health benefits is to reduce arthritis. Dragon fruit is called anti-inflammatory fruit. People with arthritis are encouraged to add dragon fruit to their healthy diet.

Benefits of dried dragon fruit

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Benefits of dried dragon fruit

Dried dragon fruit helps prevent osteoporosis

Although the content of calcium in dried dragon fruit is not too high, but dried dragon fruit also contains many other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium … these substances help the body absorb calcium better and have the effect of strong bones. Prevention of osteoporosis prevention is very effective.

Contains high calorie content

According to the nutrition facts table of dried dragon fruit below, it can be seen that in one serving of dried dragon fruit (28g) provides up to 103.8 calories equivalent to 5% of the body’s daily calorie needs. As you probably know, dragon fruit after drying will lose a lot of water, but 28g of dried dragon fruit is relatively small. But only with a small amount of dried dragon fruit has helped the body supplement a lot of calories. Therefore, if you are looking to quickly recharge your body, try using dried dragon fruit to see.

Provide plenty of vitamin C

Dried dragon fruit is different from other dried fruits in that it retains vitamin C content after drying. According to Nutrition Facts table, in a 28 serving provides up to 3.65% of the body’s calcium requirement in a day. Vitamin C is a very good vitamin for the body to help strengthen the resistance and anti-aging very well.

Good for the digestive system

You may not know, dried dragon fruits contain very high fiber content. Each 28g of dried, dragon fruit contains 2.75g of fiber. The amount of fiber in a diet (28g) of this dried dragon fruit can meet up to 11% of the fiber requirement for the body in a day. Fiber is a substance that helps the digestive system work better, it also significantly reduces the rate of constipation very good for the body.

Good for the cardiovascular system

The abundant iron in dried dragon fruit helps the body avoid iron deficiency anemia. Iron is also an agent that helps the nervous system work better, supports the circulatory process to bring blood to the brain to help the brain work stably without fatigue due to anemia. The iron and potassium in dragon fruit also helps the muscles in the body to grow better and not be tired during intense exercise.

Things to avoid when eating dragon fruit

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Things to avoid when eating dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit with cold properties, people should have absolutely no diarrhea. Subjects with physical damage, tired limbs, and pale face should also eat limited.

Dragon fruit is a woman that cannot be eaten arbitrarily. You should not eat too much of this fruit, especially those who are physically perishable or are menstruating.

People suffering from depression, blood stasis, sputum should limit eating dragon fruit.

Pregnant women should pay attention when eating this fruit. Dragon fruit contains a lot of vegetable protein, pregnant women are likely to be allergic.

Dragon fruit should absolutely not eat with cow’s milk to avoid negative effects on the digestive system.

Eating lots of dragon fruits will be detrimental to diabetics. This fruit is high in glucose, causing blood sugar to rise.

Health Great benefits of dragon fruit