One of the delicious snacks, many people prefer to mention the dried mango. You can also make these yourself. Let’s learn how to make dried mangoes at home.

cách làm xoài sấy dẻo

Dried mango – a popular snack

Raw materials needed to make dried mango

  • Fresh mangoes: You should prepare a large or small amount of mango depending on the need to use but mangoes choose to ripen just neither too green nor too ripe.
  • Lemon
  • Salt

How to make dried mangoes

Step 1: After selecting the mangoes that meet the criteria, wash the mango with salt water, diluted lemon. Then wash the mango with clean water.

Step 2: Use a paring knife to remove the seeds, take care not to crush mangoes. Then slice the mango into small pieces along the fruit with a thickness of about 1-1.5cm.

Step 3: Mix dilute salt water with a concentration of 2% then dip the diced mango to keep the color and flavor of the mango.

Step 4: Soak the mango – Take out the mango to drain and then put it on the tray.

Step 5: Arrange the mango pieces one by one on the tray, the distance between the pieces just enough to circulate air well. Not stacking the pieces will increase the drying time

Step 6: Put the dryer tray into the machine (Could be an oven, a drying oven, …)

After successful implementation, remember to store in a dry place, preferably in a refrigerator for longer storage.

Is eating dried mango good?

ăn xoài sấy có tốt không

Dried mangoes also have a lot of vitamins A and C which are very good for the body.

Not only is the favorite snack, especially for office ladies, the dried mango also has a lot of vitamins A and C which are very good for the body.

Some useful uses from dried mango:

Cancer prevention: In dried mango contains many antioxidant compounds that protect the body against several types of cancer: colon, breast, prostate, … and leukemia.

Dried mango is not only a snack but also good for the body

Reducing cholesterol: The abundant amount of vitamin C in dried mango with pectin and fiber has the effect of reducing serum cholesterol levels, thereby improving blood lipid disorders.

Clean and beautiful skin: Dried mango contains Vitamin A which helps to have strong antioxidant effect to beautify skin, fight acne, help skin always soft and bright.

Good for the eyes: Vitamin A not only helps to beautify the skin, but they also help increase eyesight, prevent dry eyes and night blindness.

Preventing heat stroke: On hot days, or in equatorial countries, the kidneys are more likely to be affected. The reason is because as the temperature rises, the body will heat up, the body will constantly have to eliminate toxins.

Improve memory for pregnant mothers: In dried mango contains glutamine acid – an important protein to enhance memory. For pregnant women, this substance is very important during pregnancy.

They will help improve concentration and memory: dried mangoes are rich in glutamine acid, an important protein for concentration and memory.

Dried mango from Luong Gia Food Technology Corporation

Luong Gia Food Technology Corporation, we started from factory built by a team of passionate engineers, always trying to produce the best quality products.

xoài chín cây sấy dẻo 500g

Luong Gia’s dried mango products are delicious, natural flavor

Luong Gia’s dried mango products do not use additives, do not use banned substances. Preserving the full natural fruit flavor, retaining all the vitamins in mango to help the product not only delicious but also nutritious for health.

The product is used 95% natural mango, mango grown and processed – packaged at ISO factory in Vietnam. Applying advanced evaporation drying technology helps keep the highest nutrient content in the product, eating soft, not hard, delicious quality.

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