With this weather, a platter of sour and sweet strawberries is really suitable. This is also a delicious food, often present in holidays in our country.

cách làm dâu sấy dẻo

How to make dried strawberries at home

Tools, materials and how to make dried strawberries at home:


  • Baking tray
  • Oven mitts
  • Large bowl
  • Parchment paper


  • Strawberries: 1kg
  • White sugar: 400g

How to make dried strawberries:

After choosing the quality ingredients, let’s embark on making delicious strawberry jam!

  • Step 1: Strawberry stripping leaves but keeping stalks. Put in a bowl of strawberries alternately with a layer of sugar until the ingredients are gone. Marinate for 2-3 hours until the sugar water runs out, then pour into a pan and boil until the sugar is slightly combined. Wait for the sugar to cool down and mix the strawberries
  • Step 2: Put parchment paper on the baking tray, arrange strawberries evenly on the tray. Remember to keep the distance between the strawberries and never overlap. Turn on the oven at 120 degrees C, for the strawberry tray
  • Dry until the upper surface is dry then examine the lower surface. If the underside is still wet, turn the strawberry over and continue drying at the initial temperature
  • Step 3: After you finish, the standard strawberries will be dark, the surface is still moist, not dry. Try a piece of feel soft, fragrant, sweet and a bit sour. Wait for the jam to cool down completely so you can store them in a glass jar.

How to eat the best dried strawberries

Drink water: Dried fruits contain lots of fiber to help you sweat. However, fiber will absorb fluid in your body when you’re dehydrated. So, when eating dried fruit, remember to drink more water to limit constipation.

Divide into small portions: Use zip bags to split into several servings and eat only 10 – 15g / day.

cách làm dâu sấy dẻo tại nhà

Eat soft dried strawberries with other foods to reduce the amount of sugar in the body

Eat dried strawberries in combination with other foods:

Serve with protein-rich foods like yogurt, nutritious cereals, nuts, etc. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also reduce the amount of sugar your body absorbs from dried fruit.

Uses of dried strawberries:

If fresh strawberries have a lot of essential nutrients for the body, it is not surprising that strawberries have many uses such as: strengthening the immune system, preventing cancer, preventing too much skin aging, cardiovascular protection, eye protection, …

For dried strawberries, although in the process of drying some of the nutrients in the strawberry will be lost, but it is almost negligible, so for strawberries after drying, it will still be almost used of fresh strawberries.

Those who should use dried strawberries:

Dried strawberries are a fairly easy snack, no matter who you are, the elderly or the children, the working or students, pregnant, young children,… you can use it.

However, if you are one of the subjects below, you should consider choosing a strawberry.

Office Worker: For you who is an employee who often works with papers, computers, high work pressure. The dried strawberries will help you stabilize, reduce fatigue, stress and stress.

Pregnant Mothers: Mothers who are pregnant, provide necessary nutrition for the body is indispensable and indispensable. Dried strawberries will help mothers supplement the necessary nutrients for the mother’s body, pregnant women always have the best mental and health. In addition, dried strawberries also help support maternal nutritional supplements for the fetus.

Location selling delicious dried strawberries, safe

Although, enjoying the plate of strawberries I made very myself, but to get it is quite a feat. On the other hand, there is a package of dried strawberries on the market today. How can we choose the right type of dried strawberries?

lựa chọn sản phẩm dâu sấy dẻo phù hợp

Should choose the appropriate product dried strawberries

Luong Gia’s dried strawberries products, no additives, no banned substances. Maintaining the full flavor of natural fruit, preserving all the vitamins in mulberry to help the product not only delicious but also nutritious for health.

Products are used 95% natural fruits, grown and processed – packed at ISO factory in Vietnam. Applying advanced evaporation drying technology helps keep the highest nutrient content in the product, eating soft, not hard, delicious quality.

How to make dried fruits How to make dried strawberries at home