Crispy coconut is a popular delicacy not only during Tet. Usually served with ice cream, eating separately is also very delicious. This article will guide you how to make crispy coconut and the selection of coconut, coconut separation and preservation for the longest.

dừa sấy khô

Crispy coconut is a popular delicacy not only during Tet.

How to choose ingredients

Dried coconut jam, also known as crispy coconut jam, is made of copra. You should remember to choose copra as old as possible offline. I often choose by buying coconuts at the market. On top of the coconut, I see a sprout, then I take. This type of making jam or making coconut oil are delicious. Old coconut will make crispy more delicious.

Ingredients prepared for crispy coconut.

  • Copra: 1kg
  • Brown sugar: 1kg
  • White sugar: 200gr
  • Lime: 50g
  • Vanilla: 1 tube

→ The hardest part is picking up the copra. How to get copra easily.

  • Method 1: Remove all water, put in the oven to 170ºC to bake for 30 minutes. Allow the coconut to cool, then remove and gently tap until the coconut explodes. If you don’t have an oven, you can heat the coconut on a gas stove.
  • Method 2: remove all water in coconut and then refrigerated in the freezer overnight. You take out and knock around the shell is coconut sprung out. This method takes time to wait but separates brown skin always without peeling.

How to make crispy coconut at home

cách làm dừa sấy giòn

How to make crispy coconut at home

Process materials.

Mix 50g of lime with 2 liters of water to stir lime to dissolve. Then let the lime settle overnight, take the water above. With 1kg of coconut, just scooping out about 1 liter of lime water is enough. Stir your hands a lot, so when the lime is passive, it will make the water turbid. If you don’t have lime water, you can also use alum and water mixed with it.

How to make crispy coconut

Copra washed and then washed, soaked in lime water for about 2 hours. This step can leave copra whole or sliced ​​out okay. Whether the coconut is crispy or not is important at this step.

You take out the coconut and wash it thoroughly, wash five to six water for sure. Then you slice it thinly, without making it as long as making jam. Cut into pieces according to coconut fiber to avoid being broken.

Steps to make crispy coconut.

Marinated coconut:

Marinate the finished coconut part with 1kg of brown sugar. Turn sugar into coconut and stir for about 6 hours for sugar to dissolve and soak into coconut. The brown sugar helps to make the desiccated coconut color slightly more beautiful. Do not use coloring.


After marinating and seeing that the sugar has melted, continue to cook cooked coconut. Add a little water to cook Note that when the water is almost depleted, reduce the amount of fire so that the road will not run. Add a vanilla tube and the soup is almost drained, then turn off the heat.

Coconut drying:

Wait for the coconut to cool down, put the coconut on the tray, line a layer of paper so that the coconut doesn’t stick to the tray.

Drying in an oven: put coconut in a baking tray, lined with foil or stencils. Choose to heat the fire, dry at 100ºC for 20 minutes, then stir the jam and dry for another 20 minutes of coconut.

→ Note: Drying by oven when you turn off the power and then turn the island. Oven is used for some time when there is a lot of grease or electricity leaked into the casing.

When making crispy coconut in 2 ways above, you should observe continuously because marinated coconut is easy to burn.

Uses of crispy coconut

công dụng của dừa sấy giòn

Uses of crispy coconut

Improve brain function

Research shows that crispy coconut helps improve brain function and also enhances brain health. You can also slow the progression of many diseases like Alzheimer’s by eating crispy coconut.

Improve immune system

Thanks to containing 5.2 micrograms of selenium, crispy coconut helps boost the immune system. Selenium helps produce selenoprotein which helps to reduce many diseases.

Reduce anemia

Women are often prone to anemia. Anemia is often caused by iron deficiency and this can cause serious health problems. Dry coconut contains a lot of iron that can help prevent anemia. Just add crispy coconut to the meal, you will see the difference.

Avoid digestive disorders

Crispy coconut helps prevent many digestive problems like constipation, duodenal ulcer and hemorrhoids. Because crispy coconut has no side effects, it can be used at any object, any age.

Preventing arthritis

Conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. can be prevented by using crispy coconut daily. Dry coconut contains a lot of minerals that help keep connective tissue and maintain a healthy body.

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