Nuts: walnuts, macca, almonds, etc. are not only delicious, but they also bring many positive benefits for pregnant women.

Nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important. During this time, pregnant women will be easier to crave and hungry than normal because the body needs more energy to nourish the fetus. Pregnant women can choose good nuts for pregnant women and turn them into snacks whenever needed.


hạt óc chó là loại hạt tốt cho bà bầu

Walnuts contain omega-3, vitamin E, organic acids and phosphorus, very good for pregnant mothers

With omega-3, vitamin E, organic acids and phosphorus, walnuts are on the list of good nuts for pregnant women. In particular, the organic acids in walnuts can help stimulate fetal brain development. If a pregnant woman eats this nut for a long time, her baby born to later will be smart bright.

Kinds of bean

Beans are a good source of nutrition for mothers and unborn babies because they contain the nutritional components of animal products. Beans are also rich in zinc, an essential mineral to reduce the risk of preterm birth, low weight and limit prolonged labor. Some types of beans are good for pregnant women:


More than 10 amino acids needed by the body in peanuts, help stimulate brain cell regeneration, enhance memory and increase thinking development. You should boil cook porridge and avoid eating fried peanuts. However, if you are allergic to peanuts, you need to be careful when using this nut.


With omega-3 in almonds, provides pregnant women with nutrients and helps the baby to be smarter. In addition, folate and folic acid in almonds are essential for pregnant women as well as the fetus to prevent birth defects. Moreover, almonds contain quite a lot of magnesium which helps reduce the risk of preterm birth and stimulate the development of the nervous system.

hạt hạnh nhân

Omega-3s are found in almonds, providing a nutritious source for pregnant women and making babies smarter


This is an indispensable nut for pregnant women because it contains many proteins, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins that have the ability to regulate blood flow, stimulate the kidneys and provide nutrients for muscle. Pregnant women eat chestnuts regularly will have stable health, good musculoskeletal. In addition, this seed also provides the ability to help pregnant women reduce fatigue during pregnancy.

Sunflower seed:

The amount of protein in sunflower seeds is better than any other nut, while the calories are quite low. Furthermore, sunflower seeds contain vitamin E and acids that improve resistance, help pregnant women stay safe and prevent miscarriage.

In addition, substances such as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium in sunflower seeds all help pregnant women avoid anemia.

Melon seeds and pumpkin seeds:

Both types of nuts are not only delicious, but can also provide minerals such as iron, potassium, vitamins, fats, calories … These active ingredients are essential for the body. In addition, melon seeds and pumpkin seeds can help reduce the risk of depression during pregnancy, bringing feelings of relaxation, alertness and lucidity.

Lotus seeds:

If you are looking for good seeds for pregnant women, do not ignore lotus seeds. These nuts are rich in calcium, protein and phosphorus … These compounds are very good for mood, kidneys, spleen, mental health and mind. Because of these benefits, pregnant women should not abandon lotus seeds to stimulate the development of the fetal nervous system and brain.

The note when eating nuts for pregnant mothers

When you eat the nuts mentioned above, you should also note a few of the following:

  • You can make nuts into milk dishes
  • Preference is given to organic and nuts
  • Store beans in a sealed glass jar in a refrigerator or in a cool place
  • Avoid roasted nuts, especially roasted in oil, as roasted nuts in oil can have many free radicals that are harmful to cell health.
  • Avoid salted nuts, as you’ll get more salt in your body.

Note when pregnant women are allergic to nuts:

Some mothers eat seeds will have discomfort in the digestive tract due to contain enzyme inhibitors. Although the digestive system already contains digestive enzymes, enzyme inhibitors in the seeds can prevent the body from absorbing the necessary nutrients.

một số loại hạt

Some mothers vote when eating nuts will be full stomach and indigestion

To limit this, you can soak the seeds in salt water for several hours and then dry them to destroy enzyme inhibitors while preserving their nutritional values.

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