Figs – one of the fruits that appear in the five fruits tray during Tet, in addition they are well known in snack foods. However, few people know that the small size of fruit contains hidden gold for effective healing effects.

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Figs contain countless gold and have a very effective healing effect

The healing effect of figs

In addition to its use as a nutritious fruit, supplementing the body with necessary nutrients, figs are also valuable herbs with the following therapeutic uses:

Support digestion, stomach

With many different uses, figs will help you better treat stomach illness. Besides, the fiber and prebiotic content in figs is quite large. For every 3 grams of figs, up to 5 grams of this ingredient. These two components have a stimulating effect on intestinal motility. At the same time creates a favorable environment for a number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal system to develop, thereby preventing constipation effectively.

Treatment of sexual disorders

You will not expect that the effect of figs is to save men in the bedroom, helping men to find their bravery in sex. Besides, this fruit also helps both revitalize fullness, enhance fertility, cure physiological weakness, full of energy before the start of the war.

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Figs help men find their bravery in sex

With a fairly large fiber content along with amino acid compound, which works to increase the erection time of the penis but also works to increase the number and quality of sperm, making conception to achieve a high efficiency.

Cure sore throat

With just a few unripe figs, green, washed and dried, then finely powdered you have a very effective anti-sore throat treatment for all subjects. The cough is gradually relieved, improving inflammation inside the pharynx and pharynx mucosa.

Use a little each time to suck and swallow gradually. Or you can use the drug in sharp form with fresh figs peeled off and cooked thoroughly with a suitable amount of water. If you are new to drinking, you can add a little sugar to use.

Pimples, sores

The figs contain quite a lot of alkaline minerals with the effect of balancing the pH of the body, helping to treat sores, pimples on the body.

Use a few ripe figs to dry them then spread into fine powder. Use a little each time to sprinkle on wounds with sores. In order to make good use of figs, you should wash the wounds from leaves and figs before using figs powder to sprinkle on the wound.

Cure headache, migraine

This use of figs is very little known. You take the plastic in the figs and then cover up the two temples. After a while, the headache gradually fades. In addition, to achieve higher treatment results, patients should combine the medication with the use of medication for oral administration. With a handful of young fig leaves or a little bit of fig tree mixed with boiled water, it is used before bed.

Treatment of liver stones, gallstones

Given the nature of figs studied by traditional medicine, dried figs juice works very well in the treatment of liver stones and gallstones. Just need to use one cup of decoction daily from dried figs, after 2-3 months of illness will gradually improve.

Treatment of milk shortage in pregnant women

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Figs have a tonic effect on blood, lower emulsions

Postpartum women often suffer from milk deficiency, milk does not provide enough breast-feeding. Therefore, using remedies from figs is a solution that is both safe and effective, and does not affect babies. Besides, herbal remedies from figs also have the effect of blood gas, low emulsions.


In the human body, sodium and potassium levels function to control blood pressure levels. When the body loses its balance between sodium and potassium, blood pressure can rise rapidly. With the content of omega 3 and omega 6 fats in figs helps blood pressure return to normal levels, preventing hypertension, especially for the elderly. Besides, figs are used to prevent some cardiovascular diseases very effectively.

Prevent cancer and diabetes

The ingredients in figs have the ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood. This is also the latest research of modern medicine. In addition to reducing cholesterol in the blood, this fruit also has the effect of minimizing the risk of diabetes and other cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer. , …

Prevent osteoporosis

Unable to accept the content of calcium, potassium and manganese in figs. These components have been evaluated by modern medicine to be necessary components for bones and joints. The composition of potassium is effective against calcium excretion through urine. At the same time, the manganese component helps activate digestive enzymes, support the easy digestion of food and release calcium nutrients.

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