Longan is a common fruit of summer in some Asian countries, can be eaten fresh or dried. This fruit is sweet, easy to eat and good for health. However, labels can also cause many side effects if you do not use them properly.

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Vitamin C in the longan is helpful in fighting the flu, boosting the immune system.

The true effect of longan on health

Increase vitamin C

People on a diet high in vitamin C are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Longan is a fruit rich in vitamin C. One 100g longan contains 84 mg of this nutrient, providing 93% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C for men and 100% of women’s needs.

Vitamin C in the longan is also helpful in fighting the flu, boosting the immune system.

Strengthen bones and joints

A 2013 study found that postmenopausal women had low levels of minerals like copper and were more likely to develop osteoporosis later in life. As recommended, adults should consume 900mg of copper per day. 100 g of fresh longan provides 19%, while 100g of dried longan contains 807 mg of copper, providing 90% of the adult’s recommended intake of copper per day.

Prevent eye problems

Riboflavin is an important vitamin in the B vitamin group. Men need 1.3 mg of riboflavin daily, and women need 1.1 mg. According to a 2005 study, not getting enough riboflavin can increase the risk of eye disorders, especially cataracts. 100 g of fresh longan provides 0.14 mg of riboflavin, while 100g of dried longan provides 0.5 mg.

Reduce stress, depression

The effect of the longan is to stimulate the spleen and the heart to work effectively, rejuvenate the blood circulation, provide a soothing effect on the nervous system, reduce stress, fatigue. They also help treat neurasthenia, insomnia and depression.

The use of longan is not known to everyone

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Uses of longan – dried longan

Relieve nervous breakdown, stress, insomnia, forgetfulness

You can take the longan to drink to work against neurasthenia due to fatigue, aches or exhaustion. The regular consumption of longan helps improve insomnia symptoms because it enhances the absorption of iron into the body. According to Oriental medicine, the use of dried longan can also counteract stress, fatigue, anxiety and overcome forgetfulness.

Helps increase longevity.

Longan is known as a fruit that can help with wound healing and increase longevity. It helps fight free radical molecules in the body and protects cells from damage. At the same time, longan also work to reduce the risk of some cancers. The use of longan to increase longevity has been confirmed and evaluated by many traditional medicine doctors.

Provide abundant energy for the body.

Eating longan regularly ensures the body’s energy supply, treats insomnia, reduces memory. Moreover, the longan has low calories and fat so teenagers who want to lose weight also choose this fruit to eat every day.

Good for the heart and spleen.

Eating regular longan is good for the heart and spleen because it stimulates good blood circulation, creating a pleasant feeling for the nervous system.

Prevent stomach pain.

The effect of longan is to treat stomach aches and dementia. The way is that you can peel off the pulp seeds, squeeze the juice or soak the pulp with a little sugar for a few weeks, then take the juice mixed with water and drink gradually.

The taboo when eating longan?

Do not eat longan to infants or young children

For infants and young children, arbitrarily eating longan can put children at risk of something very dangerous. longan have small round shapes, many children often peel them all into their mouths, resulting in deep indentation of longan. Anomalies can cause serious health damage, even death if the golden time is ignored.

When pregnant, women should refrain from eating longan

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Women in pregnancy should not eat longan

Women who are pregnant during the period, who have hot symptoms during and often have symptoms such as constipation, bladder urination, dry and yellow tongue moss, bitter mouth, burning throat. To sound from heat, blood conscience an pregnancy, if at this time eating longan, not only does it have a nourishing effect, but it also increases the internal heat, hemodynamic hemorrhage, abdominal pain, lower abdominal pain, even fetal damage, leading to miscarriage. Especially pregnant women early pregnancy to 7, 8 months, the more they have to abstain from longan.

Patients with hypertension, fatty liver

Like mangoes or jackfruit, longan is also the fruit that people with hypertension should not eat because of these fruits have high heat, if eaten will put pressure on the heart, leading to hypertension, no good for health.

Obese people should eat less longan

Folk have the saying: Some longan fruits are the same as rice bowls. That said, longan has a lot of nutrients and fiber. If obese people eat lots of longan, the sugar in this fruit accumulates in the body, which will cause more obesity. In addition, because the longan is moderate, obese people who eat longan will cause heat in the body, causing more pimples.

Diabetics forbidden to eat longan

According to the doctors, fruits are usually classified into two categories, one that causes hyperglycemia a lot, one that causes less hyperglycemia. If the patient is in good control of blood sugar, he or she can eat fruits that cause high blood sugar such as longan, lychee, grape, jackfruit, watermelon. These fruits can be eaten by the patient but must be limited.

People who don’t control their blood sugar (including high fasting blood sugar and high postprandial blood sugar) should not, or should limit these high blood sugar foods. Because postprandial hyperglycemia is one of the causes of complications of diabetes.

People with poor blood sugar control should not eat longan. The high amount of sugar in the eye accumulates in the body, which can also be bad for patients.

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