In today’s bustling life, fast food helps you solve hunger pangs quickly. What’s more, regardless of whether kids or adults prefer fast food: fried chicken, hamburgers, chips, etc. However, because of our temporary interests, it’s easy to ignore their harmful effects.

The harm effect of fast food is obesity

Fast food is high in starch and this is the main reason for you to gain weight quickly and uncontrollably, leading to the dangerous disease that is obesity. Along with that is a series of risks and complications caused by obesity that are the harm effects of fast food: blood fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and danger. especially can suffer from cancer century …

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Fast food is high in starch and this is the main reason why you gain weight quickly and out of control

Not good for the cardiovascular system

Greasy is found in all fast food, they are even fried many times. This greatly affects the cardiovascular system with diseases: atherosclerosis, myocarditis …

Affects joints

Fast food is also not very high in protein and they cause the kidneys to work too much to eliminate, leading to fatigue, sluggishness and can lead to diseases like osteoporosis, joint pain, arthritis, …

Not good digestive effect

When fried, fried meat in cooking oil with high temperatures will cause vitamins, minerals, … in food destroyed quickly. From there, it increases the diseases related to the digestive system, especially dangerous among them are colon cancer and small bowel cancer.

Some of the other diseases:

In addition to illnesses caused by fast food: hypertension, weakening the circulatory system in the body, memory loss or affecting the ability of the kidneys to work, causing the body to swell, fluid retention. ..they also make you feel tired, tummy, bloating, heavy in activities, activities, …

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Limit eating fast food to ensure your health

These are the harmful effects that fast food causes, and if you are a fast food lover, stop right away and replace them with vitamins, minerals, etc.

To protect your health, instead of eating fast foods, eat lots of fresh or dried fruits to lose weight and boost vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to function properly and support. Very effective weight loss.

Here is why you should eat plenty of dried fruit to help you lose weight if you want to be safe.

Help to lose weight by burning fat more effectively:

Grapefruit is one of the soft dried fruits that helps you burn more fat every day. This fruit will help boost the body’s metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and thereby burn more fat.

However, you should only eat a moderate amount, not abuse them. And if you’re taking certain medications like depression, you should avoid eating grapefruit because it can increase side effects.

Dehydrated dried fruit helps with weight loss due to its low calorie content:

Dried fruits not only help you lose weight with a significant amount of calories, they do not destroy your diet. So you can choose them for your snack.

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Eating dried fruit helps you lose weight safely and healthily

A banana in the middle of the morning and afternoon will provide calories no more than 150, will be enough to fill your stomach without gaining weight. Or if you do not want to eat bananas, then you can replace them with strawberries or kiwi for the same purpose because they do not contain too many calories but even provide significant fiber content, helping you feel fuller longer.

How to eat dried fruits to lose weight

With the delicious and varied taste of dried fruit, they become an extremely attractive and boring food.

However, the fruit also contains a certain amount of sugar, so when eating them, you should avoid continuing to add other sugar-containing foods.

Dried fruits contain very large fiber content, so it is essential for those who need fiber supplements but do not like eating vegetables.

In addition, there are many fruits to eat during the day and each has different health benefits. Adding dried fruit to help you lose weight in your diet to stay healthy is what you should do every day.

When choosing dried fruits, you should choose reputable brands, to ensure the quality of the product as well as your health. Luong Gia’s dried fruit products have been well known and won the trust of users not only in the country but also exported to many countries in the world. This trust comes from the quality and safety of international standards in each product that Luong Gia Food Technology Corporation always strives to bring to customers.

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