Ginger is both a spice and a medicine, which can help prevent many diseases. It has also been used for thousands of years for various medicinal purposes.

Ginger has effects on health


Eating ginger has anti-inflammatory effect, effectively preventing ulcers. Because ginger is very anti-inflammatory, many arthritis medications contain dried ginger rhizomes. One study found that the majority of participants taking ginger to treat arthritis reduced pain and swelling significantly.

Reduce headache

Chewing on a piece of fresh ginger for about 30 minutes is said to help reduce headaches and migraines.

Reduce cholesterol

The uses of ginger reduces cholesterol. A recent study showed that patients who regularly use ginger over a period of time can significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

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Ginger is both a spice and a medicine, which can help prevent many diseases.

Control diabetes

Health experts ask diabetics to drink ginger tea early in the morning because it helps control blood sugar.


Ginger essential oil helps relieve mood, eliminate stress states … dizziness, restlessness and anxiety.

Anti-motion sickness

Eating fresh ginger before riding a car, airplane … can help prevent motion sickness symptoms.

Food poisoning: ginger has antiseptic properties so it can be used to treat food poisoning. Also can treat intestinal infection and dysentery caused by bacteria.

Treatment of stomach disorders

The uses of ginger essential oil are often used in cases of stomach disorders. It is one of the best home remedies for indigestion, abdominal pain, seizures, diarrhea, flatulence and other bowel problems. Ginger tea is also used to alleviate some stomach symptoms and increase cravings.

Cardio control

Many traditional medicine doctors believe that ginger may help prevent disease and strengthen the heart, reduce the risk of blood vessel blockage and reduce the rate of heart attack.

Respiratory disorders

Because ginger essential oils are good for phlegm, it is also effective in various respiratory problems such as coughs, flu, bronchitis, asthma and breathing problems.


The uses of ginger is also known to fight cancer. Therefore, you should add ginger to your daily diet in the form of capsules or ginger tea or use as a spice in cooking.

The health benefits of dried ginger bring

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Not everyone who eats ginger is good, with some people eating ginger can also be a health hazard.

Although ginger is good for everyone’s health. However, not everyone can eat ginger well, with some people eating ginger can also be a health risk. The following cases you should not use ginger!

People with heat stroke, high fever

Hot ginger will increase the temperature of the patient, causing damage to blood vessels, even bleeding.

People with high blood pressure

Drinking ginger juice when hypotension is very good, but if used when the blood pressure increases is very dangerous. Because at this time, ginger will be like a stimulant, making the disease more serious, possibly even breaking the artery leading to a stroke.

People with stomach aches

In the composition of ginger there are substances that mainly work on the stomach lining, causing irritation of the mucosa, erosion and ulceration. People who suffer from stomach aches, stomach ulcers, duodenum eat ginger regularly will make the disease become more serious.

People with hemorrhoids, hemorrhage

Ginger is hot and can burst weakened blood vessels. Therefore, people with a history of bleeding disorders such as epistaxis, uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids should not eat ginger.


While ginger is great for reducing pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, in the final months of pregnancy, women should limit ginger intake as this food can increase blood pressure, which is dangerous for the mother. and baby.

Notes when using ginger to avoid health damage

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Notes when using ginger to avoid health damage

Not peeled: ginger retains its full medicinal properties only, so if peeling ginger before use will prevent the spice from working. You just need to wash ginger to be able to use.

Not eating a lot of ginger: ginger attributes the heat to eat which can cause dry mouth, thirst, and body heat.

Do not use ginger for people suffering from heatstroke: Hot tempered ginger should be suitable for people who feel cold, welding style, welding heat emitting after rain … Contraindications to using ginger for people with heat test or cold heat room.

Don’t eat crushed ginger: freshly crushed ginger easily produces a powerful poison, it can denature, necrotize liver cells, thereby leading to liver cancer, esophageal cancer.

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