What is cereal?

The day before, cereals are understood by the conception of the Chinese including trice grain, sticky rice, barley, dull rice, beans. But now, the concept of cereal has been expanded. Including wheat, rice, beans, nuts, potatoes, …

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Cereals are rich in nutritional value.

Since ancient times, it has always been known and used as an important food for everyday meals. Modern science has proven that grains are rich in nutritional value, providing large amounts of protein, vitamins, trace minerals, … for the body.

What is cereal? Understanding the great value for health, many of you have chosen to use cereal as a convenient meal for the whole family. Therefore, the cereal market in our country has been expanding in scale than ever before.

The effect of cereal

Not only normal people, cereals are suitable for everyone, from athletes, children and the elderly, pregnant women, diabetics … Add 1 to 2 cups of cereal flour every day to gain more energy without worrying about gaining weight.

Low in calories, high in fiber and protein

Cereal flour is very nutritious but low in calories and fat. Therefore, people who are overweight are not afraid of the increase in weight when drinking this drink. Cereals are rich in fiber so easy to digest, reduce bad cholesterol.

Supporting blood sugar balance

Cereals contain very little sugar, so it is suitable for people with diabetes. The fiber and carbohydrate content helps slow down the metabolism of sugar and balance the amount of sugar in the body.

Golden food for pregnant and lactating women

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For pregnant women, drinking cereals daily will help provide safe and essential nutrition for mothers and babies

For pregnant women, drinking cereals daily will help provide safe and essential nutrition for mothers and babies. The high content of iron and folic acid in grains is very beneficial for pregnant women, helps red blood cell regeneration and reduces the likelihood of birth defects.

In addition, cereals are a golden food for postpartum women. During the period of breastfeeding women need more nutrients to provide the body, more sources of breast milk for babies to breastfeed. Drinking cereals is a quick, convenient way to soothe hunger and help milk.

Anti-oxidant, beneficial for cardiovascular

According to scientific studies, the antioxidant found in cereal flour, Avenanthramides, helps fight some free radicals from LDL Cholesterol, helping to reduce cardiovascular disease.

Prevention of cancer

Cereals help produce Lignans, which contain phytosterols that help prevent cancer, especially breast and colon cancer.

Can cereals served with milk replace breakfast?

Eat breakfast with cereals because it is very good for the body because it is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, iron and protein. According to a survey of the Institute of Nutrition and Health of America, the study was conducted for 4,218 adults, of which 77% usually eat breakfast, 22% often eat breakfast with cereals showing that people eat breakfast with cereal The cup has a 30% lower risk of weight gain than those who usually eat breakfast with other foods.

Breakfast cereal is great but you should eat in moderation, do not eat too much to avoid unwanted effects such as bloating, indigestion. In addition, the grain content contains a significant amount of sugar, so you must read the ingredients carefully before choosing to use. Usually, choosing whole cereals for breakfast will help you maintain a better weight than processed grains.

Where to buy cereal ?

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Ohla nutritious cereal products by Luong Gia

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Health Things to know about cereal