Working at home, in addition to having to overcome stagnation, you also have to overcome many “temptations”. In that list, perhaps the most typical is still about eating. So at this “Work from Home” stage, what should we eat to be healthy, easy to do and affordable for the COVID-19 season?

Use dry or canned foods that are healthy

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Use dry or canned foods that are healthy

In general, fresh food is always the best option, but when you cannot buy fresh food, there are many other options that are healthy, easy to store and prepare.

Canned foods of beans and chickpeas, which are very nutritious, and can be stored for months or even years, we can use this dish in meals in many different ways. Oiled canned fish such as sardines, mackerel and salmon are rich in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals. Canned fish can be served immediately with sandwiches, salads or noodles, or processed or heated to serve with other dishes.

Canned vegetables like tomatoes do not usually contain as many vitamins as fresh vegetables, but this is also an option to reserve when it is difficult to buy fresh or frozen vegetables.

Dried foods such as beans and nuts such as lentils, split dried beans, rice or quinoa are also very nutritious, preserved for a long time and are delicious, affordable, and full. Mashed oats served with milk or water can be a great breakfast, and can be added to yogurt, chopped fruits or raisins.

Limit processed foods

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Limit processed foods

When it is not possible to buy fresh foods, you should also refrain from buying many processed foods. Instant foods, packaged snacks and desserts are often high in saturated fat, sugar and salt. If you must buy processed foods, look closely at the product label and try to choose foods that are low in these substances. Try to avoid sweets, instead drink lots of water. Cutting extra slices of fruits or vegetables like lemon, lime, cucumber or strawberry into the drink is a great way to add flavor.

Turn cooking and meals into fun and meaningful family times

Cooking and eating together is a great way to create healthy habits, engage family members and make people happy together. Involve your child in preparing meals – younger children can help parents with washing or sorting food, and older children can do more complex things like helping parents set the table.

Try your best to set aside a set time for family meals. These times and habits like this can help children reduce stress anxiety during epidemics like this.

Maintain eating fruits and vegetables

COVID-19 can be difficult to buy, store and cook fresh vegetables in a blockade condition, especially when parents are advised to minimize going out. But whenever possible, parents need to ensure plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Try to buy fresh food whenever possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be eaten immediately or can be frozen to retain most of the nutrients and flavor. Cooking soups, stews from fresh vegetables or other items will preserve them longer and store them for a few more days. These can also be frozen and reheated when eaten.

Stock up on some healthy snacks

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Dried fruits are nutritious day snacks

Children often eat junk food at some point during the day. Instead of feeding children sweets or salts, we should offer them healthy snacks like nuts, cheese, yogurt (preferably unsweetened), fruits or berries. marshmallows, hard-boiled eggs, or other healthy snacks that are available in your area. These snacks are nutritious, fill them up, and help them develop healthy eating habits later.

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