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Ms. Luong Thanh Thuy – General Director of Luong Gia Food is a person with enthusiasm and ambition for Vietnamese agriculture. From her knowledge of Vietnamese agricultural industry, she wishes to contribute to bringing Vietnamese fruit products to the world and above all, bring to Vietnamese quality dried fruit products. To her, dried fruit with a strong natural flavor is not only a simple snack, but it is also a “Clean product”.

The life of a woman born in 1976 went through many ups and downs, giving her a strong of entrepreneurship. Coming from a farming family, she understands very well the concerns about the farmer’s business of fresh fruits and agricultural products. And once by chance tasting Thai dried fruit products, she immediately thought of a new beginning for Vietnamese agricultural products(2009).

At first, because the company did not know how, the company used raw mango, and had to add more colors and aroma during processing. As a result, the product is hard and discolored after a while, all the supermarkets return the goods. However, success is not satisfied with the heart, after the initial failure, she also found a new recipe and processing process that ensures the natural flavor of many different fruits.

“There are two ways to start a business,” she said. One is to do what the market already has, the other is to do what the market does not have. Now, she has done that and placed a dot on the world map of dried fruit.

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